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Chilli Sweet

Family owned and operated.

Where to begin...
I have always loved food, heat and good flavour.

Creating new and exciting flavour combinations has been a hobby for me for a long time. 
One day I decided I wanted to share our passion with the world.
Chilli Sweet was born!

Chilli Sweet has grown and changed in its life time

I create awesome with chilli
Most of our products have a sweet twist whether they be savoury or sweet

I will have everything from mild to wild
It's always flavour first then heat!
Seasonings, Salts, Meal Bases

We currently have our starter range and will add more products to our shop in the future.

It all started with a passion for chilli and flavour
Creating new and exciting flavours is what we are all about.

Discover a new level of taste with Us!



You will receive a tracking number to keep up to date with your order- if you have any queries on your order, send us and email with your tracking number and we will be happy to answer your question​

We offer 100% SECURE ORDERING 


All your information is secure. We won't spam you with crap!

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